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It's Amazing how far one fern has come

The Silver Fern has graced our uniform since the very first Commonwealth Games. When we all came together in the name of Unity, Humanity, Destiny, and Equality. While the ferns design may have changed over the years its meaning hasnt. The fern is a belief. That to really win, is to win the right way.

The fern is a contract. To give all you have and never compromise. The fern is a legacy. To wear it is to add to it. It encourages us to push harder, faster, further, higher. To become part of something bigger. The fern has come this far with us. Lets see where we can take it next.

Buy your official gear at our stall

Come visit our stall to buy your official gear and support team New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games! 

Dates for purchase:
April 4th to April 15th 2018

Stall Location:
QT Hotel, 7 Staghorn Ave, Gold Coast QLD 4217, Australia

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